Hire Me

So you are here, and I suppose you are going to hire me. I always open for interesting proposals. But before sending me an offer, please read this carefully. Because it could save your time as well as mine.

I’m not interested in relocation. Because I fall in love with Kraków, and don’t want to move anywhere from there. Remote position would be OK though.

I don’t respond to typical offers made by pasting my name into standard text. I also ignore invitations on LinkedIn from people I never work with, because I consider them as spam. If you got something for me, please, explain what project do you have and why do you need me on it.

I never leave my duties unfinished. So you can make me the best offer, it doesn’t matter. It’s very likely that my transition would take a long time. Because I’d need to finish current tasks and transfer support to another guy.

If you are not sure about me, send a link on this site to a tech guy from your team and ask they for an advice. And if they say: “He is the one we need”, our negotiation will get a good chance to be successful.